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ChaLEAN Extreme: Muscle burns fat .. and Chalene Johnson wants you to get that.

I am all about a program focusing on strength training. Girls, take note of this. Muscle is Sexy. Just like you find muscle sexy on a guy with a sixpack, girls with abs and defined arms and/or back are equally sexy. If you’re sporting amazonian Wonder Woman like physique and you’re not afraid to crush some weights, chances are you will really be catching  someone’s eye. This program is designed to build strength, increase lean muscle and burn off fat. I recommend free weights with this program, although there are modified variations with a resistance band, dumbbells just feel right and its easier to get the desired amount of weight for each workout. More so when you’re doing the slow lifting motions and some static contractions to bring down on a serious burn in the muscle group. Want an example? Pick up your nearest weight, something that is moderately challenging but easy for you to hit 15 reps. Do 8 bicep curls, count out 5 seconds while you slowly lift up the weight, contract the bicep for a second and then spend another 5 seconds lowering the weight slowly. If you’re struggling on the last 2 reps with that weight, you’re doing…

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