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P90x Plyo-X: Over 500 calories burned with P90x Plyometrics!

One hell of a calorie burn with P90x Plyo X (Plyometrics). 521 calories burned and this is with me struggling to get through the moves and only surviving about 37minutes of the 55+ minute workout! This doesn’t include the additional calories burned doing Ab Ripper X either. People will waste their time in a gym on a bike trying to get a calorie burn this intense. Why bother? Honestly. If you’re not going to the gym to lift some heavy weights or to access machines you dont have at home, you should probably do your cardio at home. You’re saving yourself gas money, you’re saving your time as well because you don’t need to drive there and back and wait to see if the bikes or treadmills are all full. Heaven forbid you live in a place being pounded by horrible snowstorms as well, because the last thing you want to do is go driving around in terrible conditions to work up a sweat so you can step back out in the freezing cold to drive back home. This is another reason why  Beachbody products are so effective. You can’t make an excuse about wanting or needing to go to the gym, when…


Week 2: P90x and RevAbs = 18lbs weight loss

I’ve been doing P90x by itself for the last week and ahalf and just added in the RevAbs workouts, P90x and my diet alone has brought me down by 15lbs, and just several days of adding in RevAbs dropped my weight by an additional 3 pounds. I can feel my energy levels dropping low by mid day, so I will increase my carb intake around my 2nd meal to compensate for the additional workout and I am considering a 2nd serving of Shakeology in addition to my 2nd meal of the day. 1st meal(1st post workout):  1 scoop Shakeology + NOW Fiber-3 mixed into a cup of Skim Milk. 2nd Meal: 6oz boneless skinless chicken breast, serving of unsalted/raw almonds 3rd meal(2nd post workout meal): 1 scoop shakeology, 1 scoop lipotropic chocolate peanutbutter protein mixed into a cup of skim milk.  (Additional: 1-2 scoops of LG Science Postal, post workout IF weight lifting) OR 1 scoop Shakeology with 1 scoop of P90x Results and Recovery Formula mixed with a cup of Skim Milk 4th meal: 6oz 95% lean ground beef, flatout light italian herb wrap(bun) 5th meal: 1 scoop lipotropic chocolate peanutbutter protein with 10 oz’s of water Water intake:…


Beating the odds when the deck of life is stacked against you.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked “How does someone let themselves become so overweight? ” or hear in a near by conversation, usually an ignorant and insulting remark by someone who’s idea of being overweight is putting on 2lbs on their tiny frame while they watch someone of a noticably larger size walk past them. You know who you are. Its obvious to me as the larger person keeps walking trying not to be bothered by the comment, attepting to ignore it but the damage was done and that person is likely seething on the inside, wishing they could switch places with the other person so they can see just what its like and just how hard it is to change for them. Such careless words can be devestating. This goes for everybody. Big, small, tall or short. There’s always going to be something you want to change about yourself but i’ll focus on the one I have known all my life. Being overweight. Not 5lbs, not 30lbs, hell not even 100lbs overweight. I’m talking about being 440lbs in my early twenties. Standing at around 5’10 or 5’11 I had more than exceeded my weight limits and…

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