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P90X en español

p90x is now available in spanish! This is a great opportunity to get in shape with the number one fitness program sweeping the US. The new year has just kicked off and many people have a resolution to lose 5 or 15lbs or anything at all but what I have seen is a lot of people who pay 80 bucks for a gym membership that gets wasted! Why? Simple, because you go to a gym and if you don’t know what to do, how are you going to get any results? You’re not. You don’t know what to eat, you don’t know what workouts to do and i’m sorry to say but running on a treadmill for 45minutes to 2hours IS NOT long term exercise. You may lose some weight, but you’re blowing hours of your day doing something you could have did walking around your neighborhood. Now that P90x is available in both english and spanish you can get the program everyone has been talking about. Results without leaving your homes and results without breaking the bank, they are tried and true, proven to work. Best part of all is I am more than willing to help you keep your…


My Top 5 Workout programs to kick off 2011 : Commit to get fit

Its that time again.. New Year Resolution to lose a few extra pounds.. This time will be different. I promise. How you ask? Simple, you’re going to commit to a lifestyle change that will actuallly work, that you can do in your own home (beats wasting 15-30 minutes going to the gym and back just to ride a damn bike or to wait for a bike to be open), something that can actually teach you how to eat properly and give you a better understanding. Something that isn’t a overpriced gym membership where you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and don’t get any results that, that isn’t going to cause you to quit before the month has began.  No, you’re about to look at my top 5 recommended Beachbody fitness programs to either start your weight loss on the right foot if you have a lot of weight to lose or to bring you to the ever desired six-pack abs that is hidden under a layer of bodyfat. Time to commit to get fit. As an independent beachbody coach I tend to buy all the programs, which gives me a greater understanding in helping anyone pick out what would fit their level of fitness…


Forging a body of primal proportions. The Hunt has begun!

So start’s my hunt for physical and mental perfection. My goals are written down, the plan outlined in great detail and now its full speed a head. I spent the last 2 weeks of 2010 putting on 5-10lbs of weight in typical american fashion during the holiday, granted, I did keep up with my strength training and used the extra calories and carbs to my advantage to gain. I even increased how much weight I could do in my overhead tricep extension because of this.  A much needed change from my usual diet, despite the small weight gain. I enjoyed myself so I could rededicate myself to a whole new phase of training. Its easy to fall into the habit of overtraining and dieting, sometimes you just need a break. (Granted, that doesn’t mean you have to eat like a pig and gain a few pounds.) So now I give you the two programs I will be using to forge my body for 2011.  Tony Horton’s P90x  and Brett Hoebels RevAbs   Tony Horton’s P90x is known world wide for its amazing powers to bring results to anyone who sticks to the full 90 day program. Either for losing weight or gaining…

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