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Shake up your world! Shakeology VS Jamba Juice, Herbalife Formula1, MonaVie, V8 V-fusion

I hear people complain that a meal replacement shake or even a whey protein shake isn’t food.  They would rather eat “real food”. I guess that explains supersizing that Diet Coke time and again and the mysterious weight gain from constant consumption. zero calories, sure, zero weight gain? Well.. you had better educate yourself on that.. but When will people get out of that mind set? If its going into your mouth, chances are its food, unless you’re eating pennies or dirt.. but that’s a rant for another time. Shakeology VS Jamba Juice, Herbalife Formula1, MonaVie, V8 V-fusion. This isn’t a price comparison.. although I may do that later because MonaVie is OUTRAGEOUS. Also notice Slim Fast isn’t even on the chart…… Onto the comparison charts! I can hands down say Shakeology is one of the best meal replacement shakes that I have ever had, nutrition wise, its got an unbeatable nutrition profile. For someone that hates vegetables 98% of the time, its so easy to get beyond my daily intake of fruits and vegetables in a single glass of Shakeology, because it taste like chocolate milk. Healthy Chocolate milk of awesomeness. There’s also the Greenberry flavor which is unique.. if you…


Week 2: P90x and RevAbs = 18lbs weight loss

I’ve been doing P90x by itself for the last week and ahalf and just added in the RevAbs workouts, P90x and my diet alone has brought me down by 15lbs, and just several days of adding in RevAbs dropped my weight by an additional 3 pounds. I can feel my energy levels dropping low by mid day, so I will increase my carb intake around my 2nd meal to compensate for the additional workout and I am considering a 2nd serving of Shakeology in addition to my 2nd meal of the day. 1st meal(1st post workout):  1 scoop Shakeology + NOW Fiber-3 mixed into a cup of Skim Milk. 2nd Meal: 6oz boneless skinless chicken breast, serving of unsalted/raw almonds 3rd meal(2nd post workout meal): 1 scoop shakeology, 1 scoop lipotropic chocolate peanutbutter protein mixed into a cup of skim milk.  (Additional: 1-2 scoops of LG Science Postal, post workout IF weight lifting) OR 1 scoop Shakeology with 1 scoop of P90x Results and Recovery Formula mixed with a cup of Skim Milk 4th meal: 6oz 95% lean ground beef, flatout light italian herb wrap(bun) 5th meal: 1 scoop lipotropic chocolate peanutbutter protein with 10 oz’s of water Water intake:…


P90X en español

p90x is now available in spanish! This is a great opportunity to get in shape with the number one fitness program sweeping the US. The new year has just kicked off and many people have a resolution to lose 5 or 15lbs or anything at all but what I have seen is a lot of people who pay 80 bucks for a gym membership that gets wasted! Why? Simple, because you go to a gym and if you don’t know what to do, how are you going to get any results? You’re not. You don’t know what to eat, you don’t know what workouts to do and i’m sorry to say but running on a treadmill for 45minutes to 2hours IS NOT long term exercise. You may lose some weight, but you’re blowing hours of your day doing something you could have did walking around your neighborhood. Now that P90x is available in both english and spanish you can get the program everyone has been talking about. Results without leaving your homes and results without breaking the bank, they are tried and true, proven to work. Best part of all is I am more than willing to help you keep your…

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