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Predator Fitness – Motivational Monday – Accountability Partners

“I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have.. Life itself.” – Walter Anderson Welcome to another glorious Motivational Monday. Most people hate Monday because it’s the start of another week of work, likely at a “Job” they really hate and wish they were out of but they haven’t quite found their jump to something they truly enjoy. For me Monday is just a day I choose to use as a restart of positive influence. I mean I could waste time thinking; “Oh, it’s Monday. I HATE MONDAY’S” in a Garfield like voice but that’s not going to do anything for me except start a negative thought pattern for my week. Instead I like to think; “Oh, It’s Monday! If I didn’t do so great on my training, on a hobby or…


Predator Fitness – Motivational Monday – Quotes – Free Yourself!

Everyday can be a struggle if you look at it in that light. If the first thought on your mind when you wake up is; “Oh, another miserable day in the life of Me”. That is exactly what you’re going to have. Another miserable, pathetic day. More often than not it’s easier to blame everyone and everything else in our lives for our circumstances and not accept responsibility for the things we actually did cause and can ultimately change.   Look at yourself; do you find yourself blaming everyone around you for the things that happen to you? For the things you didn’t get or didn’t work towards because you assumed you wouldn’t get it anyway before you even started? While it is true that we will run into complete assholes in our lives, that may in fact do you wrong; it is still up to us on how we act and respond to it. What they did may have started a negative flow of thoughts and feelings but in the end it is up to you to free yourself from those thoughts and to change your mind to either accept (but not forget) and let what happened go or…


Predator Fitness – Motivational Monday – It’s all about you. Inspirational quotes and videos

“I am ____” or “I can ____” can be a strong reinforcement of a mental and positive state, and on the other hand, it can be negative so if you’ve been filling yourself with negative “I am/can’t” statements it’s time to change how you think about yourself and what you’re doing.  I am ready to make a positive change at the start of my week by doing this post, are you ready to read it? “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it. ” – Bruce Lee Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment. As you become successful, you will need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility, and commitment. ~Ross Perot Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. -Dale Carnegie “If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve. ” -Lao Tzu “For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not…

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