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P90X en español

p90x is now available in spanish! This is a great opportunity to get in shape with the number one fitness program sweeping the US. The new year has just kicked off and many people have a resolution to lose 5 or 15lbs or anything at all but what I have seen is a lot of people who pay 80 bucks for a gym membership that gets wasted! Why? Simple, because you go to a gym and if you don’t know what to do, how are you going to get any results? You’re not. You don’t know what to eat, you don’t know what workouts to do and i’m sorry to say but running on a treadmill for 45minutes to 2hours IS NOT long term exercise. You may lose some weight, but you’re blowing hours of your day doing something you could have did walking around your neighborhood. Now that P90x is available in both english and spanish you can get the program everyone has been talking about. Results without leaving your homes and results without breaking the bank, they are tried and true, proven to work. Best part of all is I am more than willing to help you keep your…


Beachbody’s Million Dollar Body Game “MDBG” IS BACK!

  This amazing opportunity presented by Beachbody allows you to not only change your body and your life but gives you the chance to show everybody what you went through to change yourself with one of their amazing programs, not to mention the chance to win money if you’re selected. I was a monthly winner in December 2009 and I won $1000.  Here’s my Success Story. This is your chance to win big while getting ripped. Take a shot at 25,000 and get prepared for Beachbody’s Million Dollar Body Game.   I will work with you to find the workout that fits your fitness levels and will get you where you want to be. I will be there to help motivate and support you through your journey and I will not let you give up. I take pride in being an Independent Beachbody Coach. I want you to be successful and I will do everything in my power to help you reach your goals and dreams if you’re willing to take my advice. With a $25,000 contest and the possibility of being ripped, show me and the world what you’re made of and join me in this success story challenge with programs like…


How to become a Beachbody Coach

You’re probably asking yourself what are the benefits of becoming an Independent Beachbody Coach?  Then you’ve come to the right place! Let me take you through the benefits of being a Coach. You get 25% Off ALL Beachbody Products. Earn 25% Commission from customer sales. Part time or Full time. Unlimited financial earning potential. Earn as little/much as you desire. NO Inventory! (you don’t buy and resell) $39.99 Initial start-up fee and only $15 a month for two personalized webstores. You are your own independent business. Team cycle bonuses. Proven tools for business success.   Just imagine what you will be doing as a Beachbody Coach.  Its a triple investment. You’re investing in your health, saving money on Shakeology or the fitness program of your choice. You’re gaining the ability to change the lives of those around you. You’re gaining an opportunity to get paid what your time is worth. Being a Coach doesn’t mean you have to be a nutritional expert or a fitness guru, you are not obligated to Coach anyone. If you only wanted the discount, you’re already saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run. You’re holding yourself accountable each month as you save money with the 25% discount. How do you…

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