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Shake up your world! Shakeology VS Jamba Juice, Herbalife Formula1, MonaVie, V8 V-fusion

I hear people complain that a meal replacement shake or even a whey protein shake isn’t food.  They would rather eat “real food”. I guess that explains supersizing that Diet Coke time and again and the mysterious weight gain from constant consumption. zero calories, sure, zero weight gain? Well.. you had better educate yourself on that.. but When will people get out of that mind set? If its going into your mouth, chances are its food, unless you’re eating pennies or dirt.. but that’s a rant for another time. Shakeology VS Jamba Juice, Herbalife Formula1, MonaVie, V8 V-fusion. This isn’t a price comparison.. although I may do that later because MonaVie is OUTRAGEOUS. Also notice Slim Fast isn’t even on the chart…… Onto the comparison charts! I can hands down say Shakeology is one of the best meal replacement shakes that I have ever had, nutrition wise, its got an unbeatable nutrition profile. For someone that hates vegetables 98% of the time, its so easy to get beyond my daily intake of fruits and vegetables in a single glass of Shakeology, because it taste like chocolate milk. Healthy Chocolate milk of awesomeness. There’s also the Greenberry flavor which is unique.. if you…


$5 Value killers vs $3 Shake healer

“You are what you eat”, So the saying goes.  The fastfood giants are quick to serve you death for your dollar. After all, you’re in a hurry, and that burger wont kill you..  not today at least but why settle for less? Why pay more for something that will leave you starving within the hour? I don’t know about you but I would rather spend my money on something that is delicious and nutritious. Investing in my health and not growing my waistline. Enter Shakeology. You may initially gawk at its price but with this layout presented below compared to several fastfood choices, you can break down the price difference easily. Put the footlong down and keep your hands on your money. Who am I? Just a man trying to save your life and your wallet by having you drink Shakeology. Think about this for a minute. If you’re busy all day and you stop for a sub twice each day for a week, one for lunch and one for your dinner. You’ve just tossed away $10 a day and you’re probably still hungry. Same thing for the whole month? You’ve dropped $300 in fastfood and probably put on 5lbs or more. SURPRSIE!!! …


MonaVie , Slimfast and you other shakes.. I’m gonna let you finish but Shakeology is The healthiest meal replacement shake of all time!

The “Healthiest meal of the day” Is a big claim indeed. This amazing fitness product provided through Beachbody is sweeping through the US and changing anyone that takes it for the 30 day test drive. (What other company do you know that gives a “bottom of the bag” guarentee? So confident in their product that if you aren’t happy, they will give you your money back AFTER you’ve used it.) My own personal experience with this delightful shake is something I am excited to talk about.  Let’s get to the important one first; Weight loss. Will you lose weight while drinking Shakeology daily? YES! Continuous weight loss overtime will come while drinking it. Even if you don’t change your daily eating habits (I still advise eating healthy if you want to lose weight), you will still see a change in your weight and your overall health. I myself, am not a vegetable or fruit person. So having a shake that provides all of the nutrients of several salads or a multitude of fruits and MORE without an abundence of calories and sugars, while tasting like chocolate milk I WAS SOLD! Hands down. The first week of using Shakeology I dropped 5lbs during…

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