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My Top 5 Workout programs to kick off 2011 : Commit to get fit

Its that time again.. New Year Resolution to lose a few extra pounds.. This time will be different. I promise. How you ask? Simple, you’re going to commit to a lifestyle change that will actuallly work, that you can do in your own home (beats wasting 15-30 minutes going to the gym and back just to ride a damn bike or to wait for a bike to be open), something that can actually teach you how to eat properly and give you a better understanding. Something that isn’t a overpriced gym membership where you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and don’t get any results that, that isn’t going to cause you to quit before the month has began.  No, you’re about to look at my top 5 recommended Beachbody fitness programs to either start your weight loss on the right foot if you have a lot of weight to lose or to bring you to the ever desired six-pack abs that is hidden under a layer of bodyfat. Time to commit to get fit. As an independent beachbody coach I tend to buy all the programs, which gives me a greater understanding in helping anyone pick out what would fit their level of fitness…


Power 90 / P90 Review: First 90 days to the rest of your life!

Power 90 is one of several Beachbody entry level fitness programs. This workout was made long before Tony Horton’s now famous P90x workout and this gem of a starting program is what I used to changed my life. I lost 170lbs using it, escaped life threatening high blood pressure levels, got out of the prediabetic range, and got rid of obstructive sleep apnea , I highly recommend this to anyone who is overweight or just out of shape and looking for a strong foothold to restart their fitness. You can not go wrong with Power 90. Trust me. This program is highly modifiable to your starting fitness levels, you just have to stick with it and you will be amazed at the results. In the first week of Power 90 I lost 20lbs! If I can do it, anyone can. These pictures are me from 440lbs to 270lbs. I will always say this program is the” first 90 days to the rest of your life”. It saved mine. I also have my brother to thank for that. This program has 2 phases. Phase 1 is day 1 to day 30-40. On the DVD’s this is listed as “1-2”, its recomended for you to advance…


MonaVie , Slimfast and you other shakes.. I’m gonna let you finish but Shakeology is The healthiest meal replacement shake of all time!

The “Healthiest meal of the day” Is a big claim indeed. This amazing fitness product provided through Beachbody is sweeping through the US and changing anyone that takes it for the 30 day test drive. (What other company do you know that gives a “bottom of the bag” guarentee? So confident in their product that if you aren’t happy, they will give you your money back AFTER you’ve used it.) My own personal experience with this delightful shake is something I am excited to talk about.  Let’s get to the important one first; Weight loss. Will you lose weight while drinking Shakeology daily? YES! Continuous weight loss overtime will come while drinking it. Even if you don’t change your daily eating habits (I still advise eating healthy if you want to lose weight), you will still see a change in your weight and your overall health. I myself, am not a vegetable or fruit person. So having a shake that provides all of the nutrients of several salads or a multitude of fruits and MORE without an abundence of calories and sugars, while tasting like chocolate milk I WAS SOLD! Hands down. The first week of using Shakeology I dropped 5lbs during…

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