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Predator Fitness – Taking measurements and pictures and when to weigh yourself

I get asked “When should I weigh myself?” or “How often should I weigh myself?” and “Do I really need to take before pictures and measurement?”.

This important piece of information can literally drive people up the wall. Regardless of how well your diet and exercise might be going it is still very easy to become obsessed with the number on that devil device known as “The Scale“, “you lying piece of shit!“, “What do you mean GET OFF!?”. So I am going to give you a few of my quick and easy to follow rules on when to weigh yourself, and how often you should weigh yourself and even why you should be taking pictures and getting measurements across your entire body.

The first thing you should do before you start any new program/routine is to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, preferably not after you’ve been binge-drinking or eating the night before! Get someone to take pictures, front, back, side while being RELAXED, don’t suck it in if you really want to see your improvements in the future. Hell, you could even throw in a few Superhero or Movie like poses if you want. Personal favorite’s include standing like The Predator or doing a Wolverine X” flex with my imaginary adamantium claws.

Let’s go down the Check list!


– Weighed self

– Got several body fat % estimate from calipers or Dexa scan / Bodpod (other costly methods, etc)

– Took Serious / Silly “Before” pictures in good lighting

– Measured several portions of the body

– Wrote everything down in preparation for day 30, 60, 90, etc.

Before I get to when/how often you should weigh yourself let me go over the importance of your “Before” pictures and the measurements you just got through writing down. The reason you want these “Before” pictures is so you will have visible proof because beside’s the mirror and no matter how much you flex at it you can’t see side-by-side changes with your own eyes as you can in a picture. You see yourself every day so you will always see the gradual change and there is no better proof than a picture it even gives you something to share with your friends and family later.

The reason you want to get your measurement’s as well as body fat % links in with the obsession with the weight on the scale. You want your measurements so you can see where you’ve lost/ are losing inches from your body and if it’s actually fat and not muscle also if and when the scale “stops” and your weight stays the same while you’re trying to lose fat or if you’re packing on muscle and want to measure your muscle gains.

Using the scale to weigh yourself is great but can equally destructive on your self esteem if you tend to get disheartened because your weight went up by a pound a day after your last measurement. The body changes constantly which is why you need to make a ritual out of when and how you check your weight. If you just started a program, checking your weight every day the first week can help you ensure you’re on the right path but don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything right away as your body gets thrown into shock by the sudden change in activity levels and diet. Depending on your size you could immediately drop several pounds within the first week. My first week of Power 90 I dropped 17lbs, half-assing the workout of course because I was around 440lbs but that was rewarding because I was doing my best.

I personally prefer checking my weight on a Sunday, that’s where I officially write down the changes for the week because it’s my rest day. I like to save body measurements /body fat % measurement to once a month, along with taking the next set of pictures. The only time I will obsessively watch the scale is when I am trying a new diet and I want to see how my body will react, in my case I know I am highly sensitive to certain carbs and I have to watch the intake and changes to my body.

– Pick a day for weekly weight “Check-in”

– Keep taking pictures!! Even if you don’t think you see a change right away, what you see in day 30 can be different than what you see on day 90

-Don’t forget to write down the monthly changes in weight, inches and body fat.

– Use the free tools on the internet!! like Team Beachbody (Free signup, you get me as your Coach as well!)  or MyFitnesspal which have calorie counters, meal planners and community support!


In a Journey to change your body for the better, you have to be honest with yourself. What you eat, what you do, you need to write it down and having support helps. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, either from me, your friends or your family. Please share this page if you found it useful in jump starting your journey.


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