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Predator Fitness – Lose weight and Get ripped with one of these Challenge Packs!

A workout of your choice, Shakeology, FREE 30 day club membership trial and Free COACH access GET STARTED TODAY!

My quick recommendation list based on weight/experience:

Tier 1/$160 program range: For anyone NEW to fitness, or overweight by 50 to 100lbs and want something roughly 30minutes in length. I HIGHLY recommend Power 90, its what brought me over 160lbs of weight loss after completing the program a few times, and let’s not forgett Brazilian Butt Lift, this is one for the ladies! Get hot by summer, shape your booty and work it out with this blazing hot workout.

Tier 2/$180 program range: Body Gospel is an entry level program, and is easy to do for just about anyone of any age. 10minute trainer is for a person that is always looking for time to do a workout, stop making excuses, you’ve got 10 minutes a day (or more) that you can use to get healthy!

Tier 3/$205 program range:  This is a Predator Fitness zone of calorie burning workouts. Tony Horton’s P90x will lean you out and get you ripped if you dedicate yourself to the full 90 days, men and women alike. Chalene Johnson’s Turbofire get’s you jumping with some hit music and some HIIT workouts, this one is highly popular with the ladies and you tone up while buildig some sexy lean muscle. Shaun T’s Insanity is for the athletic buff, track, basketball, football?  This is the program for you, increase your endurance and condition your body with this awesome workout that has you using every part of your body.

Each pack includes a month supply of Shakekology, the key to long term successful weight loss as well as the ultimate health supplement and it comes in 3 delicious flavors, you can even get it single serving packets to take to work.

Don’t wait until summer to wish you were lean and ripped, start today, get healthier and be supported. I will be there to guide you to success as your coach, I will give you the help you need to reach your goals and the support of a team to make sure you stay on track.


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Home Beachbody Predator Fitness – Lose weight and Get ripped with one of these Challenge Packs!