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Predator Fitness – Don’t Supersize me – Portion size me! lose weight through portion control!

Ever taken a good look at your plates or cups or even your bowls? Notice a scary trend as you go through the shelf and you might see that they are all VERY large in size. When you think about it, more often than not you go to grab a cup of your favorite drink and here you are sipping away at a “Cup” that may be Supersized by how much it actually holds. Easist way to see if you have a “Cup” that isn’t really an actual 8FL oz container is to break out the measuring cup and get to the bottom of it.

Otherwise all those extra liquids are going to be literally getting your bottom bigger.

If you find you just stuck 3 measured cups of water into your “Cup” you just found one of the many weight gaining traps out there and I suggest you go buy new smaller cups that are labled with their approximate size or get some disposable cups, whatever it is you use. It’s very important to watch out for traps like these even when it comes to sipping on something like a Gatorade which was made for Athletes. Although almost anyone will drink it and which also comes in a variety of sizes and they all don’t have the same nutrition profile, most of those large containers are up to 4 servings and a serving size might be 50 calories and around 15 grams of carbs/sugar but if you just drank 4 servings / the entire container in one setting.

That’s 200 calories  and 60 grams of carbs right there!!

Even when it comes to things you might have in the fridge, you always want to be mindful of the serving size and just how much you are actually drinking. If you’re drinking a “cup” of something that has a serving size of 1/2 a cup, you just drank two servings. Possibly more if you have an Supersized cup.

The main reason I say to be mindful of the serving size with whatever it is you’re drinking is because it’s a lot easier to consume a liquid than it is a solid food, you can drink something without really thinking about in the same fashion you would if you had a large bag of popcorn and you were watching a movie.


Sadly.. this also carries over to our Supersized bowls and plates. Sure, you might need that large plate when you’re serving several people but when you’re trying to cut back your portions, filling that entire thing isn’t helping you one bit. Grabbing a bowl of Cereal? Think again, as you could hit another serving size trap along with the supersized bowl, this destructive combo can be costly. Not all Cereals are equal, even if it’s a cereal that is healthy for you. I’ll say it again, “SERVING SIZE” pay attention to it. I have seen cereals that range from ½ a cup upto 1 cup and 1/4th for a serving. Now this can be a costly mistake because Cereal, tasty as it is, is already a moderate amount of carbs and calories per serving.

Let’s go with a old favorite! Cap’n Crunch “Crunch Berries”. 3/4th’s a cup a serving at 110 calories, 22g carbs.  Assuming the bowl is average in size and you decide to fill it up with at least 2 servings, that’s 220 calories and 44 grams of carbs BEFORE you add milk. Gotta have enough milk to make sure it goes down right? Assuming it also requires 2 cups of milk to comfortably fill the bowl, with something like skim milk at 90 calories a serving and about 12grams of carbs. that’s a extra 180 calories and 24 grams of carbs giving us a combine total for this one breakfast(lunch? dinner? midnight snack?) 400 calories and 68g  carbs.

That’s assuming everything was measured precisely. So it could be more or less but I bet it’s not what you want to ensure you’re losing weight if you’re on a diet.

Those were just a few examples, I don’t even want to go into what could happen with that supersized plate but I urge you to take a look at your dishes and decide for yourself if you need to get rid of them and buy some new ones.


Measure your food or your weight

In the end it’s your weight or the plates. Don’t Supersize me, Portion size me.


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