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Predator Fitness – Shaun T on Dr. Oz with a “15-Minute Miracle Workout”

Shaun T is blazing across the TV and the internet with his appearance on Dr. Oz, if you missed the show and want this awesome workout click this

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Shaun T is a power house! An amazing fitness instructor and an incredible motivator, he really knows how to get you involved in the workout with his charismatic personality and his desire to want to see you succeed! I have met and worked out with Shaun T in Columbus, OH. I hurt for the rest of that week but it was an amazing experience, this man loves what he does and he loves the people he is capable of helping, incredibly down to earth and quite humurous as well.

The 15-minute Miracle Workout featured on Dr. Oz however is available in the form of Shaun T’s hit program. Insanity. If you liked what you saw on the show and you want to get the fully developed workout, that will get you into serious shape, then you want to get Shaun T’s Insanity if you’re ready to be committed to getting a ripped six pack of abs. Word of caution this program is rather extreme and I advise you start off slow and find your limits before diving head first into the workout, always start out with the Fit Test and then give it your best. This is a workout that will kick your ass, even if you’re in good physical condition, you have to build a seperate tolerence for the monster known as Insanity. But you will love every minute of it and the results it will bring are astounding. The only equipment required is the room to move around in, nothing else, no weights are nessecary!

If you’re ready to get insane click the banner above or the link and get your Insanity DVD’s today - http://predator.teamsuperhero.com/workouts/insanity/

If you want to improve your nutrition as well make sure you check out Shakeology which can be found here: http://predator.teamsuperhero.com/supplements/shakeology-2

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