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Predator Fitness – Road to Recovery

It’s now 2012! In 2011 I had set out quite a few goals, some that I met, some that I was no where close to completing, like being in shape for the Beachbody Body Challenge. Top it off just after thanksgiving, I get a fever that lead to a (open wound warning) forearm injury  / almost 3 inch gash/scar that now has me unable to lift weights and missing some feeling in my index and thumb fingers. Talk about being beyound frustrated! December was a month of not working out for safey reasons. It is January now and I am dying to jump back into it, now that the swelling in my hand/forearm has decreased greatly since the accident.

With the start of the new year and fitness goals that I want to meet, I must pace myself and now I must really come to love doing cardio because until my arm is healed, weight lifting is out of the question. I will no doubt have to rehab my forearm before I can throw it back into 35lb forearm curls or even think about doing a pushup. I’ll likely need to use pushup/power stands for pushups, since my hand isn’t capable of flexing in its full range of motion, due to the injury and likely the 3-4 internal stitches that reside in it. Maybe squats are about to become my new fitness weapon? It should be an interesting year.

A lot of people get injured, or get a sickness or sometthing that holds them back and they completely give up fitness and go back to a mediocre life style and put on 50lbs, lose their dreams and hopes in the process. I am definately not going to be one of those people. I have some powerful influnces holding me up, my wonderful family and friends within the Beachbody fitness community! My dear friend Wendy, hurt her elbow over a year ago, despite the pains, she still goes after each workout, she might have to gog lighter weights some days but her persistance to get results is astounding. My friend and Asylum workout partner, Vanessa, recently got through stage 1 cervical cancer and is back to crushing her workouts. She didn’t let it change her, she stepped her game up and is headed back for her results. These women are strong! Strength is sexy, remember that, strength isn’t just the power to lift something but the will of the heart and the mind. True strength is a combination.

I havent worked out the finer details for how I am going to get from here to there but I can say I am ready to start kicking my ass back into what I was before and no accident will keep me from that, no person, nothing!

My tools for recovery thus far have been a mixture of the P90x Recovery drink and chocolate Shakeology and rest. Lots of rest. Going to start it off today hopefully, with some light cardio and yoga/stretching, whatever I am capable of doing without messing up my arm.

Bring it on 2012.

Let the world end, I’ll learn how to breathe in the vacuum of space to survive because I can adapt to everything. The hunt has started again.

The hunt of 2012 has started!

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