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Predator Fitness – 90 day Challenge – Beachbody Challenge Packs – Ways to lose weight at home!

 If you’ve been looking for ways to lose weight at home and you’ve been looking for a combined starter pack then look no further as there is now  Beachbody Challenge packs available in 3 different tiers! Each one includes a workout program, home direct Shakeology of your choice, Coach status with the $40 startup fee waived, and a optional free 30-day support club status!

Oh, did I forget to mention you can earn prizes while logging your workouts? and have a chance for a even larger prize if you submit your before and after results when you join the Beachbody Challenge?

(learn more about these prizes on The Beachbody Challenge)
Daily : from ipads to $500 cash
Monthly : up to $1000
Quarterly : Up to $10,000
Grand Prize: $100,000

Here are the important steps to get started (all links open in a new window)

Become a part of my team( its free): Here 

Join the Beachbody Challenge: Here

Upon joining the challenge, you should be directed to a area where you can pick the challenge pack of your choice. If you need help deciding, message me on facebook or go to my fitness program page to check out the videos.

Starting 11-11-11 I will take 5 people that are doing P90x or Insanity challenges, and join them. If you want to be one of the five, I suggest you get committed right away.

So after you’ve got your challenge pack, make sure you connect with me on facebook and let me know so I can invite you into the team’s group. All my team members get support and advice to keep them going strong. This isn’t a challenge you want to miss.



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