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The Ultimate Fitness Supplement Shakeology – I challenge you to try it for 30 Days!

I dare you to take my Shakeology Challenge!!  Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing shake.

Sign up as a free customer, get Shakeology on home direct, which gets you 2 free Shakeology workouts with your first order and free shipping monthly. If you stay on for a 2nd month, you will get a Shakeology shaker cup.  I will even be your personal coach to help you with your diet and to give you advice, as well as keep you motivated through your new fitness journey. I guarentee you will get some amazing results. If you don’t feel you got your money’s worth with Shakeology and my own personal help, you can return the EMPTY bag of Shakeology and get a full refund. This is a bottom of the bag guarentee backed by Beachbody. Its one month, I dare you to try it. The only thing you have to lose is weight and inches from your body.


Take a look at this picture of all the ingredients of Shakeology which can be found on the wall of the Beachbody HQ’s wall and a small list of some of the potent ingredients found inside of Shakeology and what they do.

You can choose from either Chocolate Shakeology, which is a dark and rich tasting chocolate, almost like a hershey’s flavor in taste or Greenberry Shakeology which is more fruity and slightly tarter in taste. If you’re big into fruits and vegetables, you will love Greenberry. Somewhere in the 4th quarter a new flavor will be arriving. Tropical Shakeology! This is the latest addition to this great product and I have heard various rave reviews about its taste, something like strawberries. If you want to be informed of its release date, please sign up as a free customer at the top of this page and I will let you know when it is available for purchase!

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