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I can’t (Don’t) want to lose weight because of (insert excuse here)

These are going to sting.. but let’s be honest for a moment. Everyone has said this at some point in their life and others are still living by one of these following excuses;

I don’t have the time.

You REALLY don’t have the time? You don’t have 5, 10, or 30 minutes each day (or even every other day) that you can put towards exercising or at least educating yourself about nutrition? I don’t care how much walking around a store you did. That is not exercise. Walking to the fridge to grab another beer isn’t exercise either. Excerise in fattening yourself prehaps. GET REAL. Make the time. Make it a priority, if you don’t have time to lose some weight and get healthy, then you’re not only kidding yourself out of a better life and you’re robbing yourself of a long life. That TV show isn’t so important now, is it?

I don’t have the energy.

I totally understand this one, I didn’t have the energy either when I was fueling my body with junk. When my sleeping schedule was messed up and I really understand this if you work long hours but at the end of the day, its your body that is suffering from being overweight. Exercising not only provides a stress relief from those long days, it can actually energize you! It doesn’t even need to be a strenous workout. Yoga for example can not only help stretch and relieve the pressure/pain in your body but it will also leave you feeling mentally and physically refreshed after the workout. A better mood after a hard day? YES PLEASE!

I don’t want to have loose skin. (REALLY?!?)

This one pisses me off the most. I mean are you really so vain that you would rather stay fat insted of having minimal amounts of loose skin? Something that will usually take care of itself overtime and something you may not even get after you lose several pounds? I have lost over 190lbs to date and I have very little loose skin. A combination of losing weight properly and building muscle is a key factor to my success in that area. My stomach will undoubtly be saggy until I cut enough fat out of my body to bring in ab definition. But I will take any loose skin over being 440lbs and unhappy with myself in everyway possible, not to mention any premature death that might have been waiting for me if I didn’t change my life around.

I can’t afford it. Gyms cost too much! Eating healthy is expensive!

Money is tight for everyone. The price of healthier options is significantly higher than the box of doughnuts you can get. But when you really add it up, the pizza every weekend, each time you eat out, anytime you go out for drinks, the money you spend going to the movies and any other unhealthy hobbies you may have like say.. Smoking.

You could be treating your body to something that will have you looking and feeling better! My advice to you is to educate yourself about your options. Be it boneless skinless chicken breast, lentils, tuna or whey protein or Shakeology. Find at least one healthy alternative that you can add to your daily diet.  Cut out one bad food item or activity and reap the benefits!

Gyms can cost a lot depending on your area. What is even worse is that the majority of gym go’ers have no idea what they’re even doing! You know the person I am talking about, chances are, this was or still is you.  Running from every single machine, doing one or two reps, and spending more time on your cell phone talking/texting or talking to the friend you brought along to workout with you. Paying for a Gym Membership for several months when you only go for the first week and then never return.

I do love home fitness as you can see from my results with the Beachbody programs but the gym does has it place with someone that knows what they’re doing and what type of work they need to do on their body. Unless you’re fronting money for a personal trainer, you’re wasting your time and your money and chances are even with a personal trainer you won’t see results as good as you want because they’re interested in your wallet and not your weight/health.

I am happy with the way I am.

Are you? I wasn’t. Despite how much I kept telling myself I was okay with how I looked (I hardly looked in the mirror) and the numerous attempts at losing weight on various crash diets (Uneducated dieting) deep down I always wanted to drop the weight. I just did not know how to do it at the time but when I found what worked for me. I ran with it. I was throwing myself at a very large wall. I was going over it or through it. For me, that turning point came because I was severly overweight and it was the weight or my life. For probably the first time in my life I truly valued myself and my health and I was not going to fail. Failure for me meant death. Dramatic but thats the motivation that pushed me through my weight loss.

What’s going to motivate you may not be what will motivate you to lose weight or change your life but you have to ask yourself some of these questions..

Where will I be in 5 years?

Do I want to look and feel better for myself and or my partner?

What kind of example will I be for my children? (if you have any)

If I had stuck with a healthy habit in the past what would my life be like now?

if I keep these unhealthy habits, where will my life be headed?

Don’t give up on yourself. You have the choice, you have the power to change your future. It takes one step at a time, one decision each day to build a better, brighter future and its not impossible. You didn’t gain the weight overnight, and it won’t disappear like that but if you stick with it, commit to changing, you will be amazed at the changes.

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