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How to trick yourself into getting more reps while weight lifting!

When it comes to weight lifting and even cardio, there are a multitude of ways to go about achieveing your desired results when trying to lose weight at home or getting ripped, but what do you do when fatigue is setting in and you’re no where near the amount of reps(or time, if cardio) you feel you need? This is where you have to mentally take control of your body, and push past the physical fatigue feeling that is holding you back. Here are a few mental tricks I use to get in an extra rep or to finish out a full set when the weight is heavy (but my form is still good!) and it just feels like too much. Trick Count: I call this the trick count, if you’re aimming to fail at 8 or 10 reps and you’re beyond struggling at the 4th rep. Insted of counting out 5, 6, 7 and 8, restart your mental counter! pause for a second and take a deep breath, then start again, Count out, 1, 2, 3 and then 4 (hey you’ve hit your 8th rep) it feels a lot easier, as you just mentally tricked yourself into thinking you just started the workout and…

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