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3 Way’s to stay consistent with eating and working out.

Some friend’s have told me they have a tough time sticking with either their workouts or with a huge change in their nutrition. I have experienced these myself, we all do, much like you experience a plateau during a significant amount of weight loss. Something needs to be adjusted to get yourself back on course, of course its easier more often than not to completely give up at this point and people usually do. Let’s start off with how to keep your workout routine on track.

1. Build a library of motivational tools to use when you’re not feeling like working out. Everyone has something that gets them absolutely pumped up, this can be a favorite song that makes you want to get deep into your cardio or makes you feel like crushing weights nonstop, or maybe there is a section in a movie some scene that blows up in your mind and reminds you, you’re in control and YOU need to get up and get it done because no one else will do it for you. I can’t say what will or won’t work for you, you need to sit down and find out yourselff. but I will link several of the ones I enjoy. Motivational/self help books also help in this area as well.. plug into your mind and reap the benefits. 

“I am a champion” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX39J_YyKbs

old Instone commercial- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8Z34eVMBFM

Still Pumping – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvOUVil7W5s

2. Get plenty of sleep! This one is very important, if you don’t sleep enough, your body doesn’t grow, you don’t repair, you’re going to be excessively tired. This right here will kill your desire to workout in the morning and give you another excuse to slack off. You need to be getting between 7 and ahalf to almost 8 and ahalf hours of restful sleep. Being a natural nightowl I have to set an alarm to remind myself to go to sleep before it gets extremely late. If you go to sleep with a lot on your mind, you might have a stressful night of sleep, something like melatonin might help you reach a more peaceful state but you can take several minutes before bed each night and write out everything bothering you or whatever you need to do the next day so you cna have it off your mind when you try to sleep that night. if you have a mp3 playper, soothing music can also help.

3. Write out your fitness goals, visualize them in your mind, and have visual reminders around you at all times. If I put myself onto a new workout routine, I write it down in a notepad, that notepad is right next to my pillow, its the first thing I see when I get up and the last thing I see at night. If you don’t know what you want to make your body look like, the finished product that is if you have a speciffic goal, find someone that looks like what you are aimming for, use it as a guideline, sure you probably won’t look like them as everyone is different but it’ll remind you of where you’re going. It’ll help you consider the next time you go to stuff that slice of pizza in your mouth,  if you’re moving closer to your goal or further away. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself once in awhile, but when you’re focused on what you want, and set micro goals and timeframes, you don’t want the distractions.

Now onto eating.

1. Its easy to fall into a crazy fad diet or whatever diet of the month is floating around at the moment, but you have to be realistic about what you can and do like to eat and what you need to eat to get where you would like to be vs a diet that is so impossible for you to maintain that you end up having negative results insted. I have experience in that field.. a diet that was too impossible for me, its one that has actually left me unable to eat hardboiled egg whites for over 2 years now, even the smell of them makes me want to puke.  But onto what I was talking about.. if you’re aimming to lose weight, you need to educate yourself on the foods that willl help you lose weight. chances are you already eat several of them, greater chances are you aren’t losing weight because you either aren’t eating them prepared right or you’re eating them too infrequently. When I first officially started losing weight, it took me awhile to wane myself off of horrible processed foods as I discovered what I did enjoy from the more healthier formats. I love chicken breast but its not something you want to eat every meal, every day, every week and month on end. I mean you could, but you would be very tired of it. It took me awhile to find the right foods that would no tonly help me lose weight but would also keep me mentally satisified with a diversity of foods. You have to find your main 3 weight loss foods. 3 foods that are perfect for losing weight/gaining muscle, that are easy to prepare and always tasty for me that comes down to; bonelesss skinless chicken breast, 96% groud sirloin, meal replacement/protein shakes.  each are high in protein, and have various recipes making them versitile and yes protein shakes are a supplement food source. Find what you like, make a list, see how healthy the items are and then start experimenting, make sure you try a lot of seasonings, you’ll be surprised at what you discover.

2. Be consistent with your meals. every 2 to 3 hours is the normal recommended time, some people are against this method and prefer 3 meals throughout the day but whatever, I find 5 meals a day / 1 meal every 3 hours is one of the keys to losing weight and just a general way of eating. When you first start off on any change to your natural eating habits from bad to good, you may start getting hungry a lot quicker as you didn’t take in as many calories as you might be use to normally eating, its normal, you just have to deal with it until your body catches up. Drink plenty of cold water to keep your stomach occupied. If you have trouble remembering to eat, use a watch! (or phone) set the alarm to go off every 3 hours after your first meal until you’re naturally in the rhythm of eating every 3 hours. Also, if you prepare the meal a day a head of time, its grab and go! Time for meals can be a problem with working a busy job, thats when things like Shakeology or the p90x protein bars come into play. something healthy you can grab when you’re not able to cook. I also like a single serving of almonds in a baggy too if i’m on the go.

3. The benefits of being consistent with your diet or in this case, life style change, is a greater reward to your health! If you eat healthy for a week or two straight, you will have dropped a larger amount of weight than if you had only stayed on your nutrition plan for 3 days and spent the rest of your week eating like crap. Trust me, I won’t preach, because I am not against having a cheat meal once every week or two, but only if that week has been a successful week of maintaining both my exercise and nutrition. Even then, I get so wrapped up in what I am doing, sometimes I forget the desire to want to do it because I am enjoying the results of my hardwork too much and want more. But there is a benefit for taking in a cheat meal and sometimes even a cheat day (within moderation, something i call a controlled cheat) if you earned it, something I will post about another time.

If you want greater access to me I recommend you, join the hunt, and send me a message, I look forward to Hunting with you for a better mind and body.



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