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3 Way’s to stay consistent with eating and working out.

Some friend’s have told me they have a tough time sticking with either their workouts or with a huge change in their nutrition. I have experienced these myself, we all do, much like you experience a plateau during a significant amount of weight loss. Something needs to be adjusted to get yourself back on course, of course its easier more often than not to completely give up at this point and people usually do. Let’s start off with how to keep your workout routine on track. 1. Build a library of motivational tools to use when you’re not feeling like working out. Everyone has something that gets them absolutely pumped up, this can be a favorite song that makes you want to get deep into your cardio or makes you feel like crushing weights nonstop, or maybe there is a section in a movie some scene that blows up in your mind and reminds you, you’re in control and YOU need to get up and get it done because no one else will do it for you. I can’t say what will or won’t work for you, you need to sit down and find out yourselff. but I will link several…


Shaun T made you go into Insanity, now you’re ready to enter The Asylum.

Shaun T’s Insanity is one of the top workout programs for those aimming to exercise at home to lose weight and get a six pack. Now he’s upped the pace with the Asylum. Insanity was a 60 day program, Asylum is rumored to be 30 days of pure hell that will get you into the best shape of your life.. if you survive it. This workout is rumored to be out near the end of the first quarter but to get the actual timeframe of its release, you need to sign up and I’ll get the information out to you when its released. If you want to know, how to get ripped at home, then you need to get either Insanity or Asylum. These programs will bring you that Predator Fitness like body of perfection, when you want primal fitness, look towards Shaun T, this man is no joke. Having done a live Insanity / Teaser Asylum workout in person just this weekend, I can tell you that I got my ass kicked. But it has definately made me reevulate my goals and my desire to get a body that mirrors a Predator. You wont’ be asking how to get…


Join me in “The Hunt” for physical and mental perfection

[SlideDeck id=’630′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’] Are you ready to join me in “The Hunt” for the Ultimate body, Mental enlightenment, and Motivation to move forward with your dreams and make them become reality? Do you need somebody to keep you accountable? Someone to hold you to your weight loss/muscle gain goals that can provide you with motivational and emotional support and advice? I have lost over 180lbs and I have saved myself from several life threatening medical conditions. I have known the desire and want to change without being able to see a light of hope and I have beaten the darkness. I will light the way for others as I set out on my own Hunt to change my body and life from dream to reality. Perhaps you’re just looking for a like minded Hunter to run with as you adventure through the world of fitness. I encourage you to join me.

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