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My Top 5 Workout programs to kick off 2011 : Commit to get fit

Its that time again.. New Year Resolution to lose a few extra pounds.. This time will be different. I promise.

How you ask? Simple, you’re going to commit to a lifestyle change that will actuallly work, that you can do in your own home (beats wasting 15-30 minutes going to the gym and back just to ride a damn bike or to wait for a bike to be open), something that can actually teach you how to eat properly and give you a better understanding. Something that isn’t a overpriced gym membership where you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and don’t get any results that, that isn’t going to cause you to quit before the month has began. 

No, you’re about to look at my top 5 recommended Beachbody fitness programs to either start your weight loss on the right foot if you have a lot of weight to lose or to bring you to the ever desired six-pack abs that is hidden under a layer of bodyfat. Time to commit to get fit. As an independent beachbody coach I tend to buy all the programs, which gives me a greater understanding in helping anyone pick out what would fit their level of fitness

These are numbered in order of “Sane to Insane”. Click on the respective banner image to goto their page so you can see what each program has and even watch the cool videos.

Click to buy p90

Tony Horton’s Power 90. This is the number one program for people getting into fitness. It will give you an incredible foundation that will let you advance into the more challenging programs that Beachbody has to offer. I ALWAYS recommendPower 90 for beginners because I know it works and I know its highly modifiable for anyone of any size, men or women, I’ve done it several times and its easy to start yet provides a good challenge for the full 90 days. A good mix between Cardio and weight lifting has you losing weight and building up strength and even flexibility.  It is a all around perfect base for starting fitness. My first week i lost 17lbs and would later go onto lose 170lbs through this program with the exercise and change in eating habits I learned using this program. (My Power 90 review here)

Click to buy RevAbsBrett Hoebel’s RevAbs.  Don’t let his smile fool you, Brett is in it to get your midsection shredded. Using his “Abcentric” and his capoeira, he goes after your abs in almost every way possible. You learn proper breathing techniques that really help you nail your core (or abs if you will) that will easily have you dropping a few inches off your waist line within the first week. You do cardio but you also use weights to help strengthen and tone your body. Its a full packaged deal it also comes with an awesome meal planner. Things get hotter when you hit RevAbs ”spice round”, Brett’s version of getting extreme where you go at high intensity for the desginated exercise. Using a talk test, he keeps you engaged on if you’re really doing your best or just dogging the workout. This one is moderately intense and I would say great for new people and expert fitness level people as well.  I have kicked of 2011 using RevAbs. (mixed with p90x, I am down 7 pounds as of this posting) Join the Ab-revolution! (note: as of this posting Brett Hoebel is one of the trainers on  The Biggest Loser.


Buy Turbofire NOWChalene Johnson’s Turbofire. If you’ve heard of TurboKick or TurboJam, Welcome to the next level. Chalene’s Turbofire shows off her skills, she will keep you engaged in the whole workout and it feels like you’re in a class and you’re actually having fun the entire time. Turbofire has it all, intense but short HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts (called Fire Drills in the video) that keep you burning fat for hours, Which Chalene calls “The afterburn” effect, endurance based cardio, ab workouts and a portion of weight lifting and some stretching/yoga. It might require some coordination at first but the cardio is done in chalene’s kickboxing/aerobic dance style, matched to the beat of her specially mixed music. Its like having a dance party, its fun and exciting. I have seen nothing but amazing results from girls using it and I experienced an increase in cardio levels not to mentiona burst of weight loss using the included 5-day Inferno diet, which guarentee’s you’ll lose weight within the first week of Turbofire. If you like to dance (hell even if you don’t, I don’t but I love this.) you might just like Turbofire.

Buy P90x NOW

 Tony Horton’s P90x. The king of all Beachbody workouts. Widely successful and likely on every damn channel on TV. There are so many success stories with this single program its amazing. With p90x you get some intense workouts, Tony’s “muscle confusion” keeps things changed up so you don’t experience a plateau in weight loss (or muscle gain.), it comes with a complete nutrition guide, a “lean” version for inexperienced people, standard version and even a “doubles” version for those looking for a ridiculous challenge. I absolutely LOVE the strength training in p90x. I have seem incredible defiintion in my arms from the workouts and I have gotten the fat beat out of me with its cardio. You will have a variety of cardio, plyometrics, some kempo, pullups to hit your back muscles, yoga, plenty to keep your results rolling in, like Ab Ripper X. Fair warning: Tony Horton is a funny person, he might get a bit cheesy, but I guarentee you will find yourself quoting him after doing p90x. This 50 something year old man has the body of a 20 year old. This program can be done by anyone butnewbies, you’ll need to modify it and if its too intense, go to p90. no shame in that. Again the results are determinded by your desire to stick with it and  as Tony say’s “Bring It”. Men and women alike get amazing results and girls, just because you lift weights DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL BULK UP. You can get some lean sexy looking muscle with p90x. Guys, if you want the gun show.. Get p90x. 90 days to change your life forever. Are you ready?  (check out the deluxe version so you get everything at once)


Buy Insanity Now

Shaun T’s Insanity. Warning, prepare to have your ass KICKED. This is not a program to be taken lightly, its called Insanity for a reason because you have to be insanely driven for results to tackle this beast. Its only 60 days but if you follow your nutrition and Dig Deep as Shaun T says, you will literally be ripping away fat. If you’re within the 15-20% bodyfat range and you want to get your abs in a hurry, look no further. Unless you can’t stomach having your ass handed to you every day while you adjust to the intenisty levle of the progam. Shaun T’s uses what he calls Maximum Interval Training. The opposite of HIIT. MIT involves you going at your maximum intensity for long durations with short periods of rest, one insanity workout (avg 35-40minutes) can burn upwards to 1000 caloriese depending on your size and your intensity. If you’re an athlete looking for better conditioning, look no further, if you’re just trying to get crazy ripped without going to the gym. you’ve got the right program. Take the Insanity challenge and see what you look like in 60 days. I dare you.


You can also accelerate results while on any of these programs as well, all you need to do is add this ridiculously delicious and nutrition filled meal replacement shake to your diet once a day. Boasting over 70 different healthy ingredients, you have got to check out Shakeology for pure awesomeness for your insides. Its often called “P90x for your insides”. Diabetic friendly at 24 GI. Great tasting. Enough nutrition that you could probably get away without taking a multivitamin. If you want deeper knowledge on this shake go to my main Shakeology page. This is different from the link above and provides very indepth details for those of you that love to look at facts.








If you enjoyed this post, please like, share or leave a comment and let me know. Drop some feedback on what you would like to see in future post. Add me on facebook or twitter. Its time to Decide, Commit, and Succeed. Beachbody style for 2011.


Also if you want to know how you can save money on anything I have listed today, get in touch with me and i’ll help you out.



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