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Forging a body of primal proportions. The Hunt has begun!

So start’s my hunt for physical and mental perfection. My goals are written down, the plan outlined in great detail and now its full speed a head. I spent the last 2 weeks of 2010 putting on 5-10lbs of weight in typical american fashion during the holiday, granted, I did keep up with my strength training and used the extra calories and carbs to my advantage to gain. I even increased how much weight I could do in my overhead tricep extension because of this.  A much needed change from my usual diet, despite the small weight gain. I enjoyed myself so I could rededicate myself to a whole new phase of training. Its easy to fall into the habit of overtraining and dieting, sometimes you just need a break. (Granted, that doesn’t mean you have to eat like a pig and gain a few pounds.)

So now I give you the two programs I will be using to forge my body for 2011. 

Tony Horton’s P90x  and Brett Hoebels RevAbs


Tony Horton’s P90x is known world wide for its amazing powers to bring results to anyone who sticks to the full 90 day program. Either for losing weight or gaining muscle, its an all around great program that will bring me some massive results. Its got the strength training I need for my arms, the pullups are going to bring out my Back definition and the cardio will be intense. I have never completed a full round of p90x, so its my turn to buckle down and bring the noise. I’m expecting upwards to 25 to 30lbs of weight being lost by time I finish the program. Supplementing with Shakeology of course. That’s my goal anyway as far as “scale weight” goes. I am hoping to be within the 10-13% bodyfat range.

New year, new goals. 

I will be coupling the program with RevAbs, this one was designed to build the core and bring out that shiny new sixpack. I love Brett Hoebel’s approach to shredding bodyfat and his “abcentrics” method definately works, the workout “Mercy Abs” is by far one of the best ab workouts I have done.  I know I don’t have to do two programs to reach my goals/target body fat% but this will keep me motivated, knowing I have two very different programs to do each day. I get workout ADD. If you’ve seen a p90x 1-on-1 video, Tony describes his workout habits to be unpredictable until within 15minutes of doing a workout.  I feel the same, some days I am just not feeling a certain type of workout and I might do something else.

While I juggle these two awesome Beachbody workouts, I will be sipping on Shakeology to enchance my results.. that and I just love drinking something chocolatey each day anyway.  This isn’t some crap slimfast shake, shakeology is the real deal. This is just the first 90 day segment of body recomposition and the first few steps i’m taking to transform my body into that of a Predator.

This is just the first of many post, I need to put up a few “before” pictures later, take some measurements and all that fun stuff so I can keep track of my results. Every 30 day mark I will likely post the update pictures. My hunt has begun. If you haven’t already started your own or don’t know where to start get in touch with me and I’ll help you out if you’re a part of my team.  ALso there is the $25,000 transformation contest by beachbody that is even more incentive to start your new year resolution RIGHT NOW.

Home Beachbody Forging a body of primal proportions. The Hunt has begun!